Drew Kennedy:

Videographer, Editor, Sound Mixer

Digital Diligence Audio Video Works


 $400-$600 Sound Mixing/day ,Videography/Editing TBD, Non-Union

CAMERA KIT:  Panasonic GH2x2 DSLR(hacked 100mbps),Fast Legacy Lens,Lowel Lights

AUDIO KIT:Wolf Istv├ín custom Twelco ENG Mixer 4tr(Hungary), 4 Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lav CountrymanB3, Shotgun RODE ntg-3,  Interviews Octava MK012, 6Tk Recorder Tascam DR-680, 2TrkTascam HD-P2 w/TC

SOFTWARE:  FCP 7, CS 5.5, Pro Tools, Waves Diamond, Magic Bullet

EXPERIENCE:  Docs/Reality,Feature/Shorts,Commericials

Camera Experience: Canon c100,300,500,dslr's;RED/EPIC,scarlet,dragon,Arri,sony EX,F3,fs100,PANA AF100,HVX,HPX,Vari,HMCs


Recent Projects

Video Technical Director, Production Engineer, Radio Free Asia, www.RFA.org (Ongoing)

Videographer/editor/sound: Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies(FAPE): The Role of Art in Diplomacy: Cultural Citizens w/Yo Yo Ma at the National Gallery of Art(gh2)

Sound Mixer: Nutopia/Nat Geo/Glossy Creative,  the 2000's  TV series (c500)

Sound Mixer, Tammy Duckworth for Senate Campaign (c100s)

Sound Mixer/Editor, World Bank Group, Team People, ongoing gigs.

2013 EMMY WINNER Sound Editing: NPR, planet money, Makes a T-shirt

Audio Post/Sound Mixer, Meridian Hill Pictures, documentarys(ongoing)

Videographer/Sound/Audio Post:  www.pittsure.com  "Coming Back to the Hoop" Festival winner (c300)

Sound Mixer: www.Vimby.com, Walmart TV commercials (biweekly 2 years) (7D)

Sound:  Yahoo TV, Travel Series, Mohawk Digital (7D, FS100)

Sound Mixer: ZDF (German Television) (ongoing gig)

Sound:  Supreme Court, Human rights Campaign, Prop 8

Sound: Lion TV/History Channel,  interviews for “THE BIBLE” series.

Sound Mixer: AIPAC, HIPTV.com, Interviews.

Sound Mixer: Nat Geo Emerging Explorers episode, Evolve IMG (RED EPIC)

Sound Mixer: Funny or Die skit  starring RGIII

Videographer/Sound:  www.pittsure.com  Documentary Senior Womens Basketball League.

Videographer/Editor: www.initiativefilms.com , several Documentaries in the works.

Live Streaming Technician:  Snag Films, Online Film Premiers.

Sound Mixer: Pen to Pixels, Acura Corporate Program

Sound Mixer: Westat research corporation

Video Editor: Millenial Media (mobile advertising) Internal Corporate Training Video.

Sound Mixer: Nagy Films ,Matress Warehouse tv commercial

Sound Mixer: Newscast.com, Volvo/Google Self driving Car Conference.

Sound Mixer: Prostate Cancer Foundation, Milken Family Foundation, Awareness Video.

Sound Mixer: www.VoteVets.org , Political Ad, Envision Communications

Sound Mixer: “Triggers” Military Channel 1 episode.

Sound Mixer: Epicurious Kid’s State Dinner at White House with the Obamas.(ex1,5d)

ADR sound recording: “the Taking” feature film, The BapArtists www.thebapartists.com(ProTools)

Sound Mixer: ARD (German Television) (ongoing gig)

Sound Recording:  Military Training Film, Cape Cod/Annapolis, Will Interactive (EX1)

Videographer: DC Color Challenge Race, (gh1)

Sound Mixer: www.Vimby.com, Walmart TV commercials (ongoing gig)

Videographer, Sound: www.Pittsure.com,  American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) board elections video. (GH2)

Sound Mixer: Digital Kitchen www.ThisisDK.com, AT&T U-Verse Buzz Roadtrip Series. http://roadtrip.att.com/

Sound Mixer: www.FreeThinkMedia.com,  ENG Healthcare Protest Capitol Hill

Sound Mixer:  www.Region-C.com, FTI FutureGen, Corporate Promo. (AF100)

Location Audio/Camera (GH2,Canon C300), www.Pittsure.com, Documentary on Senior Women’s Basketball (ongoing gig)

Sound Mixer:  www.newscast.com,  NORTHERN SHORT COURSE IN PHOTOJOURNALISM www.northernshortcourse.com

Sound Mixer:  Old Towne Pet Resort Commercial, BLACKLAB Media (EX1)

Sound Mixer:  Oglesby Digital, Cancer Survivers Medications. (HVX)

Sound Mixer:  Opower.com, recruiting video (AF100)

Video Editor: GoCorps.org Video, Switchvert.com (FCP)

Sound Mixer:  Next Day Blinds, www.VsTheBrain.com, Commercial (5D)

Sound Mixer: Weber Shandwick , DC Handicaped Cab Press Conference.

Sound Mixer: Feature Film (2days) White Reindeer, (RED EPIC)

Videographer(7D, GH1): Live taping of NPR’s Snap Judgement show

Sound Mixer: Documentary on RAINN, Han Bao Bao Productions (7D)

Sound Mixer: WorldDiabetes Day, Johnson&Johnson, Ikana Media, Paksima Productions (5D)

ENG Camera/Audio:  ONGOING various events in DC, BridgesTV.com

Video Editor: Documentary “Expect the Unexpected”, Corporate International Security (FCP)

Audio Post Mix(Pro Tools): “Glitter Dust: finding art in Dubai” Documentary by Katy Chang 

After Effects Graphics, Snag Films

Sound Mixer: 7 Dots Media, Short Film (RED)

Videographer/Sound/Producer  www.Becks.com Green Box Project. (GH1)

Sound Mixer Oxygen TV, "Parental Selection" Hudson and Sunset Media, LLC

Videographer/Sound Mixer:  Pittsure Company(Teacher Student Misconduct)

Sound Mixer:  Web Video , Weber Shandwick Public Relations , Bae Systems. (5D)

Sound Mixer:  Nova Nordik Advocate Day, Capitol Hill,

Sound Mixer:  Kaiser Permanente, Maslow Media

Sound Documentary Indian Mining Education rights,

ENG videographer:  BridgesTV Iran Delegation for Hikers returns.

Sound Mixer:  Weber Shandwick Public Relations WEB video www.huntingtoningalls.com/

Sound Recording PBS Kids, Red Apple Post, (Sony F3)

Sound Recording Doumentary/PSA on Cyberbullying/Sexting/Privacy ,Pittsure  (HVX)

Production assistant, Vonage Product Marketing. (AF100)

Sound Recording , Promo for Chief Oil and Gas, www.VsTheBrain.com(RED)

Camera Op, Sandy Beagle Productions, Wedding Videography. (Sony FX-1)

Sound Recording MallTV promo, Visualante Media. (5D)

Sound Recording, Vinegar Hill Productions, Baptist Church Web Content. (5D)

Sound Recording Gigantic Productions, "Secretly Pregnant" reality show on motherhood. (V1U)

Sound Recording Hispanic outreach PSA on Diabetes, Accent Media. (EX3)

Sound Recording Indie Documentary DC Mall  Veterans Group at Vietnam Memorial. (RED/5D)

Sound Recording Corporate Podcast, Microsoft Corp/ Pyramide Productions (EX1)

Sound Recording documentary "Slavery:by a different name" PBS  Twin Cities PTV(Varicam)

Sound Recording Feature Film "Nocturnal Agony" Nubia Film Works (RED)

Sound Recording, 2ndcamera, "Everybody Walk", Gerber Rigler (LA)  (7D)

Sound Recording  Military Industrial Film, CSF, Will Interactive (EX1)

Sound Recording  Military Industrial Film, USUHS, Will Interactive (EX1)

Sound Recording  FAA, Training Video,  ICF Macro (EX1)

2nd Camera/Sound Recording  New Orleans Convention, American Physical Therapy Association, Pittsure Films. (HVX)

Sound Recording  Mattress Warehouse, 4 commercials, NAGY Films. (RED)

Sound Mixer/2nd Camera  "In Your Hands", feature on Ex-offenders, Pittsure Company

Sound Recording  NBC news channel 4,  "We are Washington"campaign, Mother NY Productions. (Cannon 5D-7D)

Video Editing/Audio Master  "Making of Blast and Whisper",Breadwin Productions

Sound Recording  RED apple Post,  Chris4Life.org,  Colon Cancer Non-Profit PSA.

Sound Recording "Next Day Blinds" Web Promo.  vs the brain (5D)

Sound Recording  ANA psa "vacinations" Accent Media (BetaCam)

Sound Editing/Color Correction/FCP editing  Center for Inspired Teaching, 5 min Promo (Pro Tools)

Sound Recording  Jr ROTC training video, www.WillInteractive.com (EX1)

Sound Recording  NBC news channel 4,  Promo shoot, Mother NY Productions. (Cannon 5D-7D)

Sound Recording "The Taking" feature film from BAPart Films (Cannon 5D)

Sound Recording The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency CSOSA training video, S4Potential, (HPX-300)

Sound Recording documentary "Trust Women" (EX3)

Sound Recording Def Jam, RAPSTAR Best Buy event. (EX1)

Sound Editing/Composition  Seeds of Peace remix of "wave your flag" K-naan

Sound Recording PSA for President Obama's Council of Advisor's on Science and Technology (PCAST),  Visualante Media (Cannon 5D)

Sound Recording "My Dog Ate What?" TV Show on Nat Geo Wild production of Nancy Glass Productions (HPX)

Sound Recording Cat Video (atlanta) Training Video, Federal Management Partners (Betacam)

Sound Recording Visualante Media , Discovery Education Event (cannon 5D dslr)

Sound Recording "Flash Mob" interviews DC Mall for www.cambio.com

Sound Recording short film "Beta to the Max" safari media (RED)

Sound Recording www.Opower.com promo (RED)

Sound Recording "Second Chances" feature screenscope pictures (HVX)

Sound Recording "BMW Anti-Texting and Driving promo" www.newscast.com

Sound Recording Free Range Studios Documentary (RED)

Sound Recording NFIB WEB Content Promo (HPX)

Sound Recording/Mixing Lapse short Film (RED)

Sound Recording GoldPitt Films Documentary (HPX)

Post Production Video Editor, Sound Engineer/Recording: "The Russian Cowboy" America On Film (RED)

Video/Audio Editing, Sound: Dolce Studio Films

Sound Recording "Orange Juice in Bishops Garden" Teen Web Series, 2020 productions

Sound Recording:  The Artful Presentation Population Reference Bureau.

Sound Editor: WEB Pilot, Young Adult

Sound Recording: Documentary, In Organic We Trust.In Organic We Trust

Sound Recording: Documentary  Code 2600 DC Mall, zypixproductions.com  

Sound Recording/Editor: "The Maxx Galaxy" TV cartoon Pilot. America On Film

Sound Mixing Short Film: Rock Creek Productions.The Magenta Shamrock

Sound Recording: Feature Film  "The Man Behind the Curtain" , Able Kane Productions (RED)

Sound Recording: Documentary "Patent Absurdity: how software patents broke the system" (cannon 5D)

Sound Editing/Design: Blast and Whisper,Breadwin Productions

Sound Editing/Boom Operator: Alpha State Productions

Sound Editing: An Independent Film: Migration of Beauty

Sound Recording: Indigestable(working title) Documentary atos pellechi productions

Sound Editing/Composition:  Neustar, Promo

Video Editor, MIT Technology Review TR35 web series.

Production - TV and Radio Commercials for the Washington Kastles tennis Team.

Sound Recording "Neediest Kids", TEAM group

2001-2008 Audio Editor/Producer at Sirius XM Satellite radio

A+ certified Computer Technician

REEL/MEDIA samples:

Watch  Becks green box project: I filmed and edited.

Watch  Videographer (1 of 2),  all B-roll, Star Parker’s Cure for America

Watch  Video Editor GoCorps.com

Watch  Video Editor for Documentary “Expect the Unexpected” and Trailer

Watch  My Sound Reel

Videographer/Editor/Sound (One man band) projects...